Men’s jelly shoes

Yes, finally!  You can now abide knowing you’re channeling as much Dude energy as possible…which isn’t much.  Take ‘er easy.  Bowl, what-have-you.  Enjoy a burger, ride a horse.  We’re not picky with what you do, just as long as you have a cocktail in your hand.  Complete your, “The Dude” costume.

Clear, men’s jelly shoes really tie your Big Lebowski costume together.


About El Duderinos, LLC

We’re just 3 dudes that love what The Dude represents, his philosophy of just “takin’ it easy,” and want to share the Lebowski way with the world.  If you refer to Lebowski quotes on a daily basis, we can likely be friends.  Everything has a tie to TBL.  Don’t know what to do with friends on a Friday night?  There are plenty of Dudely ways to pass the time.  Drive around, bowl, the occasional acid flashback, what-have-you.

We want you to enjoy your Dude Jellies in whatever fashion fits you best.  If you ever have any trouble with your jellies, send us a note and we’ll be happy to assist.  Or if you just wanna engage in a round of Lebowski quoting and testing your trivia knowledge, find us here on social.  The Dude abides…and so should you.