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Clear jelly sandals, just like The Dude wears.

Snag a pair of men’s jellies shoes today to complete your Dude style and assist with bowling, the occasional acid flashback, driving around or what-have-you.  No matter the activity, Dude Jellies are the perfect footwear to really tie your wardrobe together.

Of course, if you’re looking for Big Lebowski sneakers, you could also grab a pair of those dudes shoes so you have, uh, you know, footwear options, man.


Jelly Sandals like The Dude's in The Big Lebowski

We’re so glad you found our jelly shoes for men.  Lemme explain a bit more about this ‘a here story.  As fellow Abiders, we too were shopping for clear shoes to complete our wardrobe and just couldn’t find mens jelly sandals anywhere.  We had to settle for sandals, slippers, what-have-you and it was definitely a bummer, man.  Then one day, a friend, we’ll call him The Stranger, stopped in the Dude’s office holding a pair of the coveted gel slippers and asked if we wanted to start a business selling them.  We said, Pope shit in the woods!?  It was an automatic, yes!  So we ventured out to build this dude slippers empire and never looked back.  Knowing we can bring a bit of joy to people when they shop for men jelly shoes, clear slippers, jelly sandals for adults, women slippers, what-have-you, makes the world feel a little less bleek.  Like a kid on Christmas morning.

And if you’re looking for The Dude’s Pajama Pants, head over this way.

These adult jelly sandals are perfect for any occasion.  Enjoy them on the beach while drawing a line in the sand or sport a pair when headed to the local lanes for a league game.  Adult sandals, they’re here and ready for you!

Ladies, these jelly shoes are just as much for you as they are for the Dudes.  So kick off the stiletto heel, schedule yourself a cart adding session, buy yourself a little gift, kick back with another Caucasian and enjoy.

These adult jelly shoes aren’t cheap jelly shoes or Hey Duggee jelly shoes.  They’re a lot like the original jellies shoes The Dude wears in The Big Lebowski.

Be sure to check out the women’s jelly sandals size conversion chart as well for your Special Lady Friend.

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Feeling More Like a Walter Sobchak?
No problemo, man!  Check out our The Big Lebowski Walter Sobchak Costume Guide

The Big Lebowski Walter Sobchak Costume Guide<br />

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Dude Jellies - Man of the Year - Gunnar Lebowski

A fellow Dude from Germany (Gunnar) made this monotype for us. 
Definitely check out his work.


Fans of true comedy will love this Big Lebowski + Caddyshack crossover concept t-shirt. Obviously, this gopher is very much a Dude in his sweater, but still can’t help but tear up the course.

Lebowski + Caddyshack Crossover T-Shirt

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