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Take it Easy, Man

The Dude abides.

Clear jelly sandals, just like The Dude wears.

Snag a pair today to complete your Dude style and assist with bowling, the occasional acid flashback, driving around or what-have-you.  No matter the activity, Dude Jellies are the perfect footwear to really tie your wardrobe together.

Jelly Sandals like The Dude's in The Big Lebowski

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Dude Jellies - Man of the Year - Gunnar Lebowski

A fellow Dude from Germany (Gunnar) made this monotype for us. 
Definitely check out his work.

Latest Happenings

New Shit has Come to Light

New Shit has Come to Light

Here we are, approaching All Hallows Eve, Halloween, what-have-you. In light of recent events and announcements from The Dude himself, we want to honor Mr. Bridges and show that we're all in this together by lighting the night with his Dudeness' likeness by way of...

All the Dude Ever Wanted

All the Dude Ever Wanted

Yes, yes? The Dude just wanted to be left alone. He wanted peace and to relax and to take it easy. Isn't that the dream of most Dudes? Do my thing, not f*ck with anyone else. Be me and abide. But in the parlance of our times, it seems that's less and less likely to...

The Dude is a Good Man and Thorough

The Dude is a Good Man and Thorough

So the Dude turned 70 the other day (December 4th). Far out, man! What a life Jeff Bridges has led. And fond of him we all are. This post is mainly a thank you, a happy birthday message and a brief letter of encouragement to the Dude to keep on keepin' on. From all of...

Would you just, take it easy, man

Would you just, take it easy, man

Always try to remember that. Take it easy. We can't worry about that shit. Life goes on, man. I was recently in Mexico on an anniversary trip with my special lady friend. Took the jellies, of course. And as I sat and pondered over Palomas on the beach, I couldn't help...