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Take it Easy, Man

The Dude abides.

Yes, yes?

The Dude just wanted to be left alone. He wanted peace and to relax and to take it easy.

Isn’t that the dream of most Dudes? Do my thing, not f*ck with anyone else. Be me and abide.

But in the parlance of our times, it seems that’s less and less likely to happen. It seems that no matter how hard we Dudes all try to just, take it easy, man, there’s something. There’s an obstacle. An intruder in our private residence micturating on everything.

Without getting political, as I imagine most of you have heard of all the troubles we have going on in the world these days, why is it that others don’t share the same ethics of abiders? Leaders want to innovate, create, improve lives, drive economies and cultures forward. And those are all great things, don’t get me wrong, but at what cost? When can we say, enough is enough? We’ve innovated and improved to a point of enough comfort. We can stop now, relax. Enjoy what nature we have left. Enjoy each other’s company. Life is short, man. Why waste it fighting and pushing agendas and gathering wealth, just to look back at that life of achievements, competitors bested, challenges met and wonder where all the time went? Now you’re wrinkled and old, can’t be as active as you once were, friends and family have come and gone and what can you say you’re leaving behind? What’s your legacy?

I’m not sure there’s a great point to what I’m blathering about. More-so I’m posing questions that I hope some will read and stop and ponder for a moment. We want comfort. We have to work to earn that comfort. Balance. That’s what’s lacking in the world and has been lacking for a long time.

If you can pull any nugget of wisdom from this post, please just remember to take it easy. Life goes on. Can’t worry about that shit.

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