Dude Jellies Made Their TV Debut in Portland

Jellies on Scooters
Wave of the Future, Dude

As a wiser man than myself once said…ah heck.  Lost my train of thought.  I’m just so enamored with the wonderfulness of Tom Tuttle sporting Dude Jellies on KGW-TV in Portland!  That’s right folks.  Dude Jellies made their TV debut on Tonight with Cassidy and it was a glorious event. 

Tom’s initial hesitation to sport his new footwear quickly faded as he liberated his soles and succumbed to the “bubbles.”  “It’s like a massage with every step,” Tom said.  

Big thanks to Cassidy, Tom and the KGW team for testing out and sharing Dude Jellies with the Portland metro area.  Quite possibly the most Dude place on earth during DudeCon

Check out the full video segment with Cassidy and Tom and be sure to like, comment and subscribe to Cassidy Quinn’s YouTube Channel for more whacky antics and amazing things to do in Portland!

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I hear there’s NOTHING wrong with dina cobble.


Take ‘er easy, Dude.

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