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Take it Easy, Man

The Dude abides.

Yes, you’re seeing that right.

Dude’s bowling shirt, lederhosen and dude jellies. My special lady friend hosted a company/client party and insisted that we play off the Oktoberfest theme. I complied, like any good Dude would do, but with a twist. I had to make it my own and pay homage to El Duderino. Needless to say, as guests arrived, I got a lotta, WTF looks. A few people got it and loved the concept. Definitely got a lot of compliments (even if some of them were backhanded and snarky) on the Dude Jellies. But you can’t worry about that shit. Life goes on, man. The important thing here is that the courts have roundly rejected prior constraint on what we choose to wear on Halloween. It’s our basic freedoms, man.

I’m staying. I’m finishing my coffee.

We’d love to hear your Lebowski themed costume mashup ideas. Leave a comment below, hit us up on the socials, what-have-you.


And if you’re looking for the Dude’s pants, look no further.