The Dude is a Good Man and Thorough

So the Dude turned 70 the other day (December 4th). Far out, man! What a life Jeff Bridges has led. And fond of him we all are. This post is mainly a thank you, a happy birthday message and a brief letter of encouragement to the Dude to keep on keepin’ on. From all of us who dig yer style, an enormous, Thank You!

Jeff is an actor, a philanthropist, a photographer, a Dad, husband and an all around good Dude. It’s no wonder people look up to him and admire his qualities. I saw this on Facebook today and had to share (credit to Mike Burns for the post). Pretty much wraps ‘er all up.

I have to imagine that if you found your way to this post, it’s safe to say you’re a fairly large, Big Lebowski fan because, let’s face it, who else wants to wear men’s jelly shoes looking for employment, on a weekday?

DUDES DO! That’s who!

Also, Dudes, I have a copy of Jeff’s “Pictures” book (autographed, of course) and it’s amazeballs. If’n yer needing a copy for yourselves, you can find it here:

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